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Be sure to check out the new Facebook page. (Click on Facebook icon at bottom of page.)


Be sure to check out the new Facebook page. (Click on Facebook icon at bottom of page.)

Meeting Makeups

To learn of the variety of options, click on the Meeting Makeups button on the left menu bar or Click here. One option is to visit nearby clubs and you will see posted the meeting location and times of those clubs.

Meeting Makeups

To learn of the variety of options, click on the Meeting Makeups button on the left menu bar or Click here. One option is to visit nearby clubs and you will see posted the meeting location and times of those clubs.

Look at the greatly expanded Other Links page - local information only a click away! (Click here)

Also take a look at the Videos page. (Click here)

Look at the greatly expanded Other Links page - local information only a click away! (Click here)

Also take a look at the Videos page. (Click here)


Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club's Internet Ethics Program

Click on Internet 4-Way Test to see a slide show. Click here for a PDF version of the slide show. Viewers are encourged to forward the slide show to those on their Internet contact list. Click here for more information about the origin of the 4-way Test and how to create an email to send to others. Click here for a Press Release announcing the program.   


Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club's Internet Ethics Program

Click on Internet 4-Way Test to see a slide show. Click here for a PDF version of the slide show. Viewers are encourged to forward the slide show to those on their Internet contact list. Click here for more information about the origin of the 4-way Test and how to create an email to send to others. Click here for a Press Release announcing the program.   






WELCOME to the Morrisville Yardley Rotary Club. Take a look around and find out what our club and Rotary around the world are all about. Be sure to contact me if you have questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!

- Tom Mack, President








The Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club was proud to sponsor Morrisville Borough's inaugural 'Night Out', as approximately 1500 people filled Williamson Park on the evening of August 5th to make a powerful statement on community unity and crime prevention. Residents, local leaders, business owners, community organizers and their families mingled with police and fire officials amid raffle tables, face painting, children's activities and numerous food vendors and organizations to create an incredible atmosphere of community strength. “This is great,’’ said Morrisville Town Watch President Jennifer Holthenrichs. “This is our first event and we started planning this in April. We have at least 25 vendors, the fire companies, police and our residents. That’s what it’s all about, to meet your neighbors and get to know them. People don’t do that anymore.”
The Rotary Club wishes to congratulate Jen and Kurt Holthenrichs, Danielle Larison, members of the Town Watch Night Out committee and each and every volunteer for an incredible evening that far exceeded any and all expectations. 





Tuesday August 5th will be a historic day in the rich history of Morrisville Borough, and the Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club is proud to be a part of it. That evening, Morrisville will host its first ever ‘Night Out’ in Williamson Park. National Night Out is an annual event promoted by the National Association of Town Watches to deter criminal and drug activities in neighborhoods across the United States, and now Morrisville has become a part of the national celebration. The event will provide an opportunity for residents, family, friends, business owners and all others to spend an evening together in an effort to build community strength and relationships. Morrisville Night Out was created and put together by the Morrisville Borough Neighborhood Watch, along with many volunteers who worked tirelessly to bring this significant event to fruition. The Rotary Club is honored to sponsor this event and we look forward to seeing everyone at the inaugural 'Night Out' on Tuesday August 5th, 2014 from 6-10PM.



Thursday evening was both educational and ‘historic’ as Rotarians Bill and Jo Anne Pepitone (pictured with President Tom Mack) spoke to their fellow members about social media and the internet, highlighting how technology can be a tremendous tool for the Rotary Club to utilize in an effort to raise awareness and disseminate information regarding their projects, causes and commitment to the community. Bill and Jo Anne, who spearhead the Club’s public relations efforts along with Rotarian Hal Long, first touched on the Club’s webpage,www.myrotarypa.org, and the vast information the site provides for both members and visitors who may be seeking to find out more about who Rotary is and what we do. Next, they visited the official Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club Facebook page and explained how connections through Facebook ‘friends’ help widen the web to reach more people than ever before. After Bill gave a quick explanation of how easy it is to open a Facebook page and to connect with others, Jo Anne spoke about internet safety and the steps everyone must take to protect themselves from identity theft and account hackers.
At that point the Morrisville Yardley Area Rotary Club took another step forward, as Bill and JoAnne announced that earlier in the day they had set up the Club’s first Twitter account, @RotaryMVYD. This account puts our Rotary Club in touch with hundreds upon hundreds of fellow Rotary Clubs across the nation and around the world, such as Rotary International and Clubs located in Lavras, Antimano, Badajoz, Lagos, Zanzibar and so many other areas both home and abroad. Utilizing this tool, our Club can learn from others as to what projects and missions they are working on, as well as providing our fellow Rotarians all over the globe with details of our projects right here at home in Morrisville-Yardley. Soon, thousands of people who we could never reach before will know of our community service partnerships with the YMCA, American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Ivin’s House. They will hear of our dedication to children and our schools through our student exchange and youth leadership development programs, our book and dictionary donations, and our ongoing project regarding the development of a community garden and educational program at Grandview Elementary School. We will promote our fundraising successes through the Morrisville Carnival and the joint venture with Landmark Towns on the first ever Road Rally, and our dedication to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchens. Internationally, we will convey our continued efforts to forge ahead with our water filter project in Lima, and our mission to eradicate Polio once and for all. 
The Club is also excited to utilize all forms of social media to help promote its partnership with the Morrisville Borough Neighborhood Watch as together we present Morrisville Night Out on August 5th in Williamson Park, a significant event in the Borough’s long and rich history put together by wonderful and dedicated members of the community.




JUNE 26th, 2014-Members and friends of the Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club gathered at Michael’s Restaurant to thank outgoing President Juan Proano for his leadership the past Rotary year and to welcome Tom Mack as the incoming President for 2014-15.  Juan is a mining engineer and consultant living in Washington Crossing and Tom runs a construction and building renovation company and resides in Lower Makefield Township.  

Juan thanked everyone for the work that was done the past year. Of special note was The Rotary Foundation Global Grant of $39,450 for the Peru Water Filter Project which, when combined with two previous water filter projects, is providing safe water for drinking and cooking for  approximately 10,000 people in the shantytowns around Lima. Locally, gifts of library books for 2nd graders and dictionaries for 3rd graders and volunteering at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen exemplified the clubs motto of “Service Above Self”. He also extended thanks for the community support of the Morrisville Carnival which helped to fund the club’s numerous service projects and donations. Tom thanked Juan for all he did for the club and for Rotary and noted that membership is a top priority to insure the continued viability of the club in the Morrisville-Yardley Area.









I find many traditional Chinese values reflected in Rotary: values of service and responsibility, of respect for family and for others. Sometimes I call Confucius the world's first Rotarian, because even though he died 2,500 years before Rotary was founded, his ideas are very much Rotary ideas. And one of the things he said was:

In English, you say, "It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness."

I think that one line sums up the way we in Rotary approach the problems of the world. There is so much difficulty. There are so many people who need help. Many people look at this and say, "There is nothing I can do." So they do nothing – and nothing changes.

But this is not the Rotary way. The Rotary way is to light a candle. I light one candle, you light one candle – and so do 1.2 million other Rotarians. Together, we can do so much more than we could ever do alone. Together, we can light up the world.

In 2014-15, I am asking each of you to light your own Rotary candle – and Light Up Rotary together.

There are so many ways to Light Up Rotary. I hope many of you will choose to host a Rotary Day, to show your community what Rotary is and what we do. I hope you will involve your Rotaract and Interact clubs in your service, to bring the new generation of the Rotary family closer to Rotary membership. And I hope you will keep Rotary strong by inviting new members into Rotary – including your own spouses and family.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do to Light Up Rotary together is to finish the job we've been working on for more than a quarter of a century: the eradication of polio. We are so close to our goal. But we will get there only if we keep up the fight, keep up the momentum, and close the funding gap for the polio endgame plan.

Light Up Rotary together is our theme for this year, but it is more than just a theme. It is how we in Rotary see the world and our role in it. We believe that no one should sit alone in the darkness. Instead, we can come together, all 1.2 million of us, to Light Up Rotary. This is our goal – and my challenge to you. 









New Morrisville Chief of Police Meets the Rotary Club

On May 22nd, 2014 our dinner speaker was the new Morrisville Police Chief, George McClay, shown with Club Vice President Tom Mack who presented him with a Robert Morris commemorative plate in appreciation of his service. Chief McClay talked about the positive changes in the Morrisville Police Department that are improving its effectiveness on the street and its public image. He grew up in Philadelphia, earned Bachelor and Master Degrees from West Chester College and taught school for a few years. He joined the Philadelphia police force in 1986 and achieved the rank of Lieutenant before coming to Morrisville in January. Morrisville had been without a Police Chief for a considerable period of time and there was a need for 24 hour supervision of operations and a reorganization of departmental procedures. He set up a recent “Active Shooters Training Course”, with the participation of the Lower Makefield police and the assistance of a SWAT team from Philadelphia. The exercise, conducted at Morrisville High School, reinforced tactics while emphasizing teamwork and problem solving in a simulated school incident. He has tackled the drug problem in the Borough through increased surveillance, including plain clothes officers, and a lock-up policy for the kids through cooperation with the local Justice, Michael Burns. Part of the improvement was replacing a typical 3 month waiting process for drug testing results (during which those charged could raise bail and get back on the street) with a simple test his officers can perform that is sufficient for probable cause needed by the District Attorney to proceed with prosecution. He noted that the greatest drug problem in Morrisville is with drug users who obtain illegal drugs in Trenton and then come to Morrisville to use and not the dealing attributed to gangs. The gang problem in Morrisville of a few years ago has gone away with many gang members now in jail. On June 19 officers from the entire county of Bucks will come to Morrisville for police training, a first in itself for a county-wide training program. As part of improving the image of the Morrisville police force he is requiring that officers testifying in court be either in full uniform or in a suit and tie. As to procurement of uniforms he changed the source and the method of payment so that it is easier and cheaper for the officers to get new uniforms and greatly reduced the amount of paperwork involved. He has established close working relationships with the surrounding police departments and with the local media and he expressed great appreciation for Rotarian Bill Pepitone’s fund raising effort to help provide new bullet proof vests for the Department.


A View of the Veterans Affairs Medical Services...From the Inside

Janis Davidson, PHD (pictured here with Vice President Tom Mack) is a registered nurse practitioner, serving since 2001 in the primary care section at the Department of Veterans Affairs at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The quality of her expertise is evidenced by the fact that she has been largely responsible for the good care given to two of the club’s Rotarians, Peter Wisnosky and Andy Thompson. Ms. Davidson said that “9/11 changed everything” for the VA because until the Iraq and Afghanistan wars it had not had to deal with combat casualties. She touted the medical record keeping system of the VA as the finest in the world, and wondered aloud why it isn't being utilized as a model for the public health care system. As to care for the veterans, she said that the VA does everything in its power to keep them in their own homes. It is less expensive than nursing homes and the quality of life is generally better. The VA, for example, will pay for necessary renovations to install ramps, chair glides for stairs and upgrades or additions of bathrooms and will pay for vans with wheelchair lifts. It will also pay for in-home nursing care, including care needed when family caregivers need to take a break from the daily routines. As to mental health issues she said that good care is available but the veterans have to be ready to accept help and many times they are not. The oldest vet is 97 and his only physical problem is glaucoma. The youngest was a 24 year old, self-employed carpenter who didn't let go of the rope when water skiing and severely injured his biceps. He was treated at the University of Pennsylvania is now back at work. 
Ms. Davidson was presented with a Robert Morris commemorative plate in honor of her dedication and service.



Rotary Club Donates Books to Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School

The Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club, as part of Rotary’s commitment to youth and education, donated a number of books to the library at Pennsbury’s Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School. The particular books are targeted to second graders and Rotarian Barbara Nuzzolo, chair of the library books project, Andy Thompson and Hal Long presented the books to the second grade classes. They were welcomed by Principal Ms. Elizabeth Aldridge, Librarian Mrs. Rosemarie Shire and the teachers of the second grade classes. 





May 13th-18th

Williamson Park

N Delmorr Ave and Bridge Street

Morrisville, PA


 Bring the entire family out to the Morrisville Yardley Rotary Club Carnival!

Rides, food, games and prizes for children and adults of all ages!

Visit www.morrisvillecarnival.com for all the information you need. See you there!



Rotary Club Visits Grandview Elementary School's Second Graders

Rotarians Melanie Douty-Snipes, President Juan Proano, Barbara Nuzzolo and Hal Long meet Grandview's second graders

 The Grandview Elementary's second graders in Morrisville were presented a variety of resource books for their library collection by the Morrisville-Yardley area Rotary Club. Principal Linda Palumbo, her teachers and students welcomed the Rotarians who made presentations and read selections from the books to each class. 

Rotary Club Inducts Jo Anne Pepitone


On 5/1/14, Jo Anne Pepitone was inducted into the Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club and gave her “Classification Speech”. She was joined by her husband Bill, a fellow Rotarian, and their two daughters, Layla and Talia. Jo Anne’s Rotary vocational classification is Law Enforcement as she is currently a police officer in Montgomery County. She described the circuitous path that led her to becoming a police officer. She grew up in Staten Island, New York, and in high school became very involved in working with people with mental issues who had been confined in the notorious Willowbrook State Hospital. That led to a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and plans for a PhD at the College of Staten Island. But the doctoral program there was cancelled due to low enrollment and she found herself moving into forensic psychology. She took a course on the psychological effects on police officers and that led to an interest in becoming a police officer herself. (It also led to meeting her future husband, then a New York City Police Officer). Jo Anne earned two Master’s Degrees from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

What drew her to that vocation was the opportunity to help people. A large percentage of people that the police encounter have mental issues. Unfortunately a lot of police officers lack training and experience in dealing with those with mental issues, which could lead to tragic consequences. Jo Anne’s training and education has been vital on more than one occasion. One example involves making death notifications. Death notification is often a police duty that can be just a knock on the door and a statement about what had happened. She often is assigned this duty due to her background and compassion when dealing with those in stressful situations. In one particular case she had to contact an elderly man living alone with a variety of serious health issues, including deafness and the need for a walker to move around. His second wife had died and he said he had no children. He had no caretaker assistance so Jo Anne worked with him to get meals brought to him, get medical and nursing assistance and generally get him into a more healthy situation. He began to trust her and finally revealed that he had four children by his first wife. He second wife had made him promise to drop all contact with his family which he had honored for thirty years. Jo Anne decided to find and make contact with them and as a result the family reunited and he was taken in by one of his sons. When he died a few years later she was notified that he had selected a necklace from his second wife’s jewelry that he wanted her to have and so stated in his will. She was wearing the necklace when giving her speech.

Jo Anne is active in the Morrisville community. She is currently the Treasurer for the Morrisville Little Bulldogs football program, a Scout leader for her daughter’s Daisy Troop, and assisted in the Grandview Elementary Beautification project.

Jo Anne becomes the eighth female member of the Morrisville Yardley Rotary Club.

Bucks river towns hold 'Amazing Race' style road rally





Fifteen teams of drivers and passengers tested their knowledge of Bucks County history, and ability to navigate its byways and back roads for the county’s own version of the “Amazing Race” on Saturday afternoon.

After less than two hours, Fred Kerner and Catherine Hall finished all eight of the clues to locations in four historic river towns: New Hope, Yardley, Bristol and Morrisville. The Landmark Towns of Bucks County organization and Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club put together the rally, its first, as a spring fundraiser.

The route took drivers to the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope and Bristol Riverside Theater. Kerner, who grew up in Morrisville, said he enjoyed the drive along River Road, which allowed access to the four towns.

“It was neat to parallel the canal the whole way up,” he said. “We went up and down River Road and that’s always gorgeous.”

Tom McDonald, his wife and a pair of their neighbors from Buckingham came in second place. He said that, while it took them a while to decipher some of their eight clues, they thought the drive was worth it.

“It was neat, they took us to some places in congested areas like New Hope and others in more open areas like the Van Zant covered bridge on these meandering country roads,” he said. “It was beautiful, it was a wonderful time of the year to have it.”

The clues came in the form of poetic couplets that gave clues to each location.

For instance, “Shining footlights once more Bringing actors to the river’s shore,” directed drivers to the playhouse in New Hope.

Because the contestants were judged by a combination of time and mileage, some spent 10 minutes or more sitting in the parking lot of the Morrisville Presbyterian Church deciphering them.

“That’s one of the keys to this thing, because if you solve them in the right order then you can do this much more efficiently,” said Ted Fletcher, one of the organizers with the Rotary Club.

He said they were glad for the turnout. The cars that placed first and second received cash prizes.

“The energy has been great,” he said. “We’re happy that it’s Easter weekend and it hasn’t deterred people from turning out for it.”






Rev your engines, open the convertible and take a drive through the Landmark Towns of Bucks County on Saturday, April 19th from 1-4 pm. River Towns Road Rally participants will decipher a set of eight clues to secret destinations in the four towns of Morrisville, Yardley, New Hope and Bristol, drive to the locales for confirmation and conclude at historic Summerseat in Morrisville for a wine and cheese reception. Cash prizes will be awarded. 


Registration is limited to 30 vehicles, so sign up now! Fees are $45 per vehicle, $60 after April 11th. We will meet at the Morrisville Presbyterian Church parking lot, 771 N. Pennsylvania Avenue.


For More information and registration click on the link below:

http://rivertownsroadrally.eventbrite.com/               Or visit the Facebook page  


 Rotary Visits Morrisville's Third Graders

On April 2nd, members of the Morrisville Yardley Rotary Club visited Morrisville's third graders and presented each of them with their very own dictionary, personalized by members of the Rotary Club. In the era of Google and search engines, it was refreshing to see the children's eyes light up as they combed through the pages searching for their favorite words. Enjoy kids!



Rotary International Welcomes New Member



On February 20th, Bill Pepitone was inducted as the newest member of the Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club. One week later, Bill gave his Classification Speech and described his career as a New York City Police Officer, his passion for writing novels and screenplays, and his motivation to make the Rotary motto “Service Above Self” his own in the Morrisville community where he, his wife and children live.

At 17 years old Bill was certified as a peer mediator, helping troubled teenagers deal with the pressures of young adulthood. His efforts led to a meeting with a New York State Senator who subsequently invited him to work on projects and legislation aimed at helping area senior citizens. In 1989 he became a New York City Police Officer and served the public for 20 years. 

During his career, Bill responded to high profile and dangerous incidents throughout New York City, including the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. However, he described one incident as his most memorable; a young mother who locked herself out of her home with her infant son alone on the third floor looking out the window. Both were hysterical when he and his partner came by. A neighbor had a ladder that would reach the third floor, however Bill had a lifelong fear of heights and his partner was a 300 pound body builder whom the ladder wouldn't have held. Bill climbed the ladder and brought the child down to his mother. The look of appreciation and relief on both the infants and mothers face made it all worthwhile. That, Bill said, is what being a police officer is all about…helping others.

Bill has co-written two novels and several screenplays thus far and is once again collaborating with his brother Joseph, an Emmy Award winning writer and producer, on various TV and movie projects. Last year, he ran as a write-in candidate for the Mayor of Morrisville, motivated by wanting to help his community address some of the serious issues being faced. In just six weeks of campaigning, Bill secured nearly five hundred write in votes and finished a strong second in the voting. Encouraged by this, Bill wants to continue to find ways to help and serve in what is now his hometown.

(Pictured above from left: Pete Wisnosky, Juan Proano, Bill Pepitone, Jo Anne Pepitone, Cynthia Pepitone)


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