Rotary is an amazing organization!


It is large enough initiate and lead the effort to eradicate polio throughout the world (almost there!) and send Shelter Boxes to disaster areas around the world to provide shelter for those in desperate need. It works to clean up the water supply in many impoverished parts of the world to save lives and improve the economy, provides free mosquito nets to fight malaria, provide free wheelchairs and send in teams to do free cleft lip and palate surgeries for those who otherwise would not have access to the services. Also provides micro loans to women in poverty areas to help them establish their own businesses, and on and on. It supports youth and professional cultural exchange programs to promote peace and understanding among people of the world and sponsors university degree programs to prepare people to work for world peace and goodwill.


The Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club partnered with the Sunrise Club in Lima, Peru, to provide inexpensive but highly effective water filters for families around Lima who were getting their drinking water from unsafe irrigation ditches and other unsanitary sources. The third round of RI grant programs was completed, and the combined programs served over 10,000 children and adults.


Nearer home the Rotary District organizations combine the resources of local clubs to provide hands-on participation in Rotary International programs like those above, sponsor student and business exchange programs, conduct District and regional training and service projects, and so forth. Each year our club sponsors local high school students for Camp Neidig, a youth leadership development weekend for students throughout our district.


Locally, the Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club partners with other service organizations like the Salvation Army to ring bells at Christmas and the Family Backpack Center to provide food and equipment to serve families in Morrisville. The club has a partnership with the Morrisville schools and the community that has developed an educational garden and program at the Grandview Elementary School. It also partners with elementary schools in the Morrisville and Pennsbury school systems to provide books and dictionaries  for elementary school libraries and makes an annual scholarship award to a deserving graduating senior in Morrisville High School. It serves hot dogs to the Ivin's House Summer Kids Camp, sells food and refreshments at local events, and had introduced a Car Festival in Yardley. Members also volunteer regularly to serve meals at the TASK (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen) and to serve as Canal Tenders for the Friends of the Delaware Canal to keep the Delaware Canal Towpath clear of rubish between Yardley and Morrisville. And it sponsors Morrisville"s National Night Out, an annual program that brings communities together for fun and information under the auspices of the Community Watch program and in cooperation with first responders and law enforcement organizations. 


Rotary is nothing without its members and community support, For those friends of Rotary who play a vital role in local community projects, the club recognizes them as a Rotary Community Service Corps to provide a better organizational base for volunteers without all of the rigors of regular meetings and regular Rotary membership responsibilities.


So please look around this web site to find out more about Rotary and how you can make a difference. And let me know if you want more information about being involved. 


 Denny Lanctot, President 2019-2020, 215-932-2943,





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