Cindy Hornaman , District Governor 2018 - 19  



Welcome to a new Rotary Year! We belong to such a special organization… Imagine that each year starting July 1, 1.2 million Rotarians around the world change all of their officers and their organizations and start fresh--- and without a hitch!! Why is that?—it is because of YOU!! We all make the change together and then we go on and continue to do good things all around the world! Our District 7430 with all of our 45 clubs, does so many good things both locally and around the world. So, as we start this Rotary Year—let’s all think to do something different. Although we are 45 separate clubs, we are all one team of Rotarians. Do Something Simple… Something Special… Something Different… Throughout this year, we will be highlighting all of those different things that our clubs are doing to make us grow and do more service. It is an honor to be your District Governor and I look forward to meeting as many members as I can. Happy July! DG Cindy




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