Listed below are the members of Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club:


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Member Name   Classification
Axel Augspach   
Melanie Douty-Snipes    Corporate Member Registered Designee: Snipes Farm and Education Center
Ted Fletcher   
Nora Goodrow   
Ron Hall   
Jason Harris    School Superintendent
Jen Holthenrichs   
Denny Lanctot, Esq    Attorney
Danielle Larison    Administrator
Hal Long   
Tom Mack   
Claude Magnani   
Tom Miller   
Jessica Milton    Education Director
Juan Proano   
Arden Rossi    Mathematics Teacher
Tim Rossi   
Mike Rosso   
Dave Sample   
Jonathan Snipes    Corporate Member Designee - Snipes Farm and Education Center
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Bud's Auto RepairDave Harris, Harris ComfortMagnani Insurance Service, Inc.

Thomas J. Mack, Construction and Building Renovation